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What We Do

Tagging and Banding

Trumpeter swans have been tagged and banded since the beginning of Ontario's reintroduction program in the 1980's. This effort continues to this day, and has resulted in one of the largest catalogues of a single species anywhere in the world, yielding numerous opportunities for research and ongoing studies of this important indicator species. 

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Tracking and Research

Tagged trumpeter swans are marked with yellow tags on their wings with 3 characters.  Sightings of these wing tags allow for research regarding the spread of Ontario's reintroduced trumpeter swans throughout North America, as well as allowing for a variety of research topics involving individual birds, their health and behaviour.

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Rescue and Rehabilitation

Like any other species of wildlife, Trumpeter Swans find themselves needing a helping hand from time to time.  Lead poisoning, collisions with power lines, and entanglement in fishing line and tackle are all common predicaments that swans may find themselves in.  We are in touch with a network of wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators when trouble strikes. 

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Trumpeter Swan Conservation Ontario is a 100% volunteer run group, and a registered charity.  All donations go toward continued tagging efforts and associated research, as well as rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned trumpeter swans in the province of Ontario. 

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